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This memorial website was created in the memory of our precious angels, Parker Bryant and Grace Lee Morris who were born in Buffalo, New York on July 14, 2006 10:43pm. Parker was 1lb 0.3oz and 11.5 in. Grace was 15.9oz and 11 in. Parker passed away at 11:04pm and Grace passed away at 11:59pm. They were born at 21 weeks and 5 days. They will forever live on in our hearts and in our prayers.

Our hearts go out to the families who have unfortunately had a loss themselves. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

"If Tears could Build A Stairway. And memories, A lane. I'd Walk Right Up to Heaven. And Bring you Home Again"


"Let the children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs." Mathew 19:14

A thousand words can not bring you back,
I know because I tried.
And neither can a million tears,
I know because I cried.



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Tributes and Condolences
Your angels are so beautiful.   / Elaine Cliborne
I am a long time friend of Amy W.  She shared your story with me and it hits close to home.  We lost our daugher Emily at 23 weeks do to preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome.  I will keep all our little angels close to my heart.  Your ...  Continue >>
Your new brother!   / Mommy
Thank you angels for watching over your new brother and I during the hard pregnancy. I don't doubt that it is because of you and your love that we made it from 24 weeks all the way to 37 weeks. He is beatiful. Grace, he looks just like you. So sweet ...  Continue >>
a little prayer   / Jennifer Ganz (your mommy's friend )
take care of your mommy and watch over her. We are all praying for her here at ICMH. We love all of you!!
An "Early" Easter Greeting Coming your way...   / Angela -Daughter To Angel Linda Taylor
Hello Littlest Angels!Just thought I would take the time to send you a "hippity-hoppity" Easter wish up to our heaven above!Thinking of you two & your precious family left here missing & loving you so!You'll be in my thoughts & ...  Continue >>
I know I don't write much anymore...   / Mommy
I know I don't write much anymore. This does not mean that you both aren't in my thoughts all day long. I have just found other avenues of thinking and sending you messages. Your Daddy is doing okay, he really helps Mommy most days, when I am really ...  Continue >>
AS my Friend I will always feel your losses!  / Adrienne King (Old friend of mommies )    Read >>
Merry Christmas Angels  / Mommy     Read >>
sorry for your loss  / Wendy Wils (none)    Read >>
I can't believe it's been 4 months!  / Mommy     Read >>
Parker and Grace Happy Halloween  / Julie Our Angel Brian     Read >>
For Parker and Grace's Mommy  / Julie     Read >>
I miss you!  / Mommy     Read >>
Gone too soon  / Margaret Swedene     Read >>
Sweet babies  / Trisha Carter&Caleb Eskridge's Mommy     Read >>
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His legacy
Parker and Grace's Story  

On May 10, 2006, Jeff and I went to the hospital for a routine sonogram. We were so excited to find out what we were having. I was only 12 weeks pregnant, so we knew that we wouldn't get a definate answer, but even the chance to see our baby was wonderful. The sonogram tech placed the probe on my stomach and immediatly removed it and asked if this was our first sonogram. Of course it was, but we asked her why. She got a smile on her face and told us that there were two babies in there. Jeff and I couldn't believe it, our wildest dreams had come true. (Well mine anyway, I always wanted twins) We were told that they were fraternal, and that we possibly had 1 boy and 1 girl. Could life have gotten any better? 
Just a little background on my previous pregnancy:
We have a son named Tucker who was born at 28weeks and we dont know why. My amniotic fluid was leaking and I was induced for an infection. Tucker spent 7 weeks in the NICU but is just fine now. He is 2 1/2 years old and is beautiful. 
That being said, having twins was less than ideal according to my doctor. With a backround like mine and me already being high risk for preterm labor, this was now a high priority pregnancy. 
Things progressed as normal pregnancies should. I have never been sicker, never so tired, and my stomach had never been bigger. I was sent for monthly sonograms to make sure the babies were growing well. This is when things took a turn for the worse. At my 19 week sonogram, the technologist saw funneling in my cervix. Which means, my body was preparing for birth. The perinatologist agreed and my doctor was called immediately. I was now on bedrest and scheduled for a cerclage (the stitch) 2 days later. I got my cerclage, with no problem, and put on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy, and I was to return in 1week for a post-op check. 
I waited in the waiting room wondering if I was ever going to be called back to be checked. It felt like an eternity. Finally, it was my turn. The doctor came in, and examined the stitch. I will never forget his words "Everything looks good...oh, except!" My cervix was still funneling, as a matter of fact, it funnelled to the stitch and was tearing my cervix. I was sent to labor and delivery so he could remove the stitch, and the fate of my babies was in God's hands. The stitch was removed and I was now put in the hospital on total bedrest, and in trendelenberg position(on my head). I would've stayed in that position until the end of time to save my angels. But that was not in God's plan. On my 7th day in the hospital, I was having contractions here and there, no one thought anything of it. Until 4:00pm they hooked me up to the monitor because I was so uncomfortable. A resident Dr. came to examine me. I was 5cm dilated and my amniotic sac bulging. All she could say was "I am so sorry". 
I was rolled very quickly to L&D to deliver. My water was broken and at 10:43pm my angels were brought into this world with my husband by my side. Parker and Grace were born together, holding one another. It was beautiful. Parker held on until 11:04pm and Grace until 11:59pm. My husband and I got to hold them until they passed. I somehow knew when I was holding them, the moment they past. A feeling swept through me and I knew when they were gone. 
My mom, and Jeff's parents were able to come in and witness, their grandchildren be baptised. I am truelly blessed to have spent that time with our angels, as not everyone is able too. They will live on in our hearts forever and will forever be missed.

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